Modular pool house

We’ve just finalised the concept for the refurbishment of an existing private pool complex!

Set in a retreated area of the picturesque countryside of Surrey. Our proposal encloses the external pool with an eco-friendly structure which blends in with the surroundings, capturing the natural environment and lifting the inside-outside barrier by establishing a panoramic view of the landscape.

This shell provides the clients with an indoor pool and spa, as well as a gym, and a bicycle store & workshop. The pool and gym areas blend into a naturally lit open space directly connected with the exterior, while the changing facilities, the bicycle store and the plant room are tucked away at the back.

Locally reclaimed larch walls wrap around the outward-facing north and west sides, and are selectively perforated by strategically placed openings, while large sliding glazed panels allow the more private south and east elevations to completely open up to the garden.

The building’s vernacular aura and “green” nature are reflected by the sincerity and origin of the materials, and its way of interacting with the environment, and are emphasized by the planted sedum roof.

Posted On: October 7th, 2016

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