Grace Yard Design Architecture - Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London

What we can offer

Delivering on time and within budget, Matthew Kettle takes a hands on approach to design. Matthew formed graceyard design in 1992, and has a passion for detail, creativity and innovation. Matthew works closely with you through the processes involved in the design and build of a new home, extension, or renovation.

Structural and Civil Engineers John Kettle and Associates work closely with us, bringing specialist knowledge of engineering and architecture to collaboration with graceyard design.

An understanding of construction methods means we work effectively with the construction industry. Knowledge and familiarity with the building construction trade allows us to coordinate and liaise with teams of specialists in all design processes. graceyard design can manage and co-ordinate a team of specialised consultants, including Landscape Architects, Structural Engineers, Surveyors, and Building Contractors. graceyard design provides a single point of contact and ensures a seamless design and build process with a high standard of finish.

Our Team

Matthew Kettle

I have always loved building and designing things. An early fascination with lego led naturally to making detailed drawings and plans as a school...

Stephan Wassermann-Fry

Stephan Wassermann-Fry grew up in Kent and studied Architecture in Bath. He has also studied in Germany and worked for a number...

Billy Swindell

Having completed my part 1 RIBA qualification in architecture at the University of Kent, graduating in July 2017, I am now seeking exciting...