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Structural Engineering

A Structural Engineer has a significant understanding of static and dynamic loading, and of the structures that are available to resist them. The complexity of modern structures requires creativity from the engineer to ensure that structures support and resist loads.

Structural Engineering became a defined and formalised profession with the emergence of the Professional Architect. Until the late 19th century, the architect and the structural engineer were one and the same in the person of the master builder. The professional Structural Engineer emerged with the development of structural theories developed in the early 20th century.

Structural Engineering and Architecture are inseparable. In house Structural Engineers are consulted on more challenging and complex schemes during the early stages of design at graceyard design. From engineering design and analysis to designing the individual elements of a structure like beams, columns, and floors of a building, our Structural Engineers are responsible for ensuring sound structural design and integrity of work.

If a Structural Engineer is needed, we will provide a competitive quotation for you at the earliest stage of the process.

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